Setfsb clock generator list

This document provides some frequently asked questions about Sandra. Please read the Help File as well! Q: Does Sandra support the clock generator of my mainboard? A: The clock generator is supported only if the following are true:. Why and how do I fix it? The older ones cannot — most cannot be detected at all!

If this does not help, contact us. This is because there are no ID registers and most are write-only. One of the few possible ways is to do it by mainboard type. If Sandra does not know what your board uses, have a look and let us know. A: There are various reasons why this can happen:.

setfsb clock generator list

A: If the speed selected is by hardware then no useful information can be inferred. Only if the chip is software programmed useful information can be read back. See the Compatibility Document for the list of supported chips.

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Q: Why does Sandra support so few clock generators? A: The reasons are quite a few: Only modern clock generators since around are software programmable. Most clock generators are write-only e. This means that the bus speed can be changed but it cannot be detected.When even the mighty Intel, locker of clocks and remover of multipliers, releases a software overclocking app you know overclocking has gone mainstream.

While the hardcore know that BIOS is best, for the rest of us software apps provide the most sane way of easily squeezing more speed from your processor, memory or graphics card from within the friendly Windows environment.

SetFSB – Overclock Bus Speed of Motherboard / CPU from Windows

To help novice overclockers get started we've put together this collection of best overclocking software. This top 15 list covers everything you need from system information tools, system monitoring and stress tools to the essential overclocking apps themselves.

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Information is power. These two stand head and shoulders above the rest for their completeness and simplicity. CPU-Z is a comprehensive processor, motherboard and memory report tool that displays live clock rates, bus speeds and voltages, perfect for identifying components and speeds. In a similar move, GPU-Z was developed to do the same but for graphics cards.

It manages to pack almost everything you would want into a single program, including system information, a status monitor for fans, voltages and buses, alongside controls to adjust clocks, buses, multipliers and voltages for the processor, HyperTransport and memory.

setfsb clock generator list

Good work AMD. It has an effective single-click overclocking feature plus a full raft of processor and memory controls and reporting. If you've built your own system then it's highly likely the manufacturer of your motherboard supplied a Windows-based overclocking app.

Each company has its own branded tool that will only work with its motherboards or chipset. Other manufacturers have their own, so find out which made your mobo using CPU-Z and download the corresponding tool for easy overclocking. At this point we're starting to delve into the more complex software tools and a pair from the same developer are worth checking out at tweakers.

MemSet is a complex memory overclocking tool that provides most of the features you'd expect to find in the BIOS, though a tool like AMD Overdrive also offers many of the same advanced options. As you might expect this version also provides overclocking features for the processor as well. While many covert SetFSB for its advanced options, many will also shun it.

But then it can also overclock systems where other options fail. A useful guide to locating your motherboard's PLL chip can be found here.

The position, manufacturer and style varies from board to board.Discussion in ' Hardware Components and Aftermarket Upgrades ' started by moral hazardOct 27, Log in or Sign up. Maybe you should start a new Clevo X overclocking thread, people will want to know how easy it can be.

Well done. Moral Hazard, i have a T and i want to overclock it, what program do you use to overclock yours and what is the pll Thanks. AOct 14, Hi, I have a newer version of the Sandra software. Is this the section regarding the PLL?

РАЗГОН. Разгон Процессора . Програмнно. Разгон Видеокарты . SetFsb . PLL-Чип БОЛЬШЕ ФПС

That can help identify what PLLs to test in setfsb. Last edited by a moderator: May 6, User Retired 2Jun 9, BadmanJul 19, Thanks in advance. Gian92Oct 5, Hello, I am hoping people still ook at this thread I am trying to overclock my Packard Bell. Thank you in advance Ash. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

setfsb clock generator list

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Replies: 2 Views: I like a panel, is it possible to find which laptop I can use? Replies: 1 Views: 1,SetFSB is an easy way to overclock a processor. This little program lets you adjust the frequency of the FSB directly from Windows. All you need to do is find the chip with that name on it to find out the PLL version.

First, avoid making excessive changes in frequency, or your computer will likely freeze up. Second, not all PLLs offer the same frequency ranges; some motherboards limit the available speeds.

If it does, restart and try again. You can check out the latest version of the software here. See all comments Interesting read although I doubt any real enthusiast would chose to overclock their system through software.

Much easier to get a higher stable overclock through the BIOS. Still, if you have a prebuilt machine with no BIOS overclocking functionality, some of this software is invaluable. Both great apps for overclocking your GPU. Good work trying to get the masses intrested in overclocking!

Strangely for me, the opposite was true. Windows would BSOD at 3. I have no explanation for it. The C. Crypto Subsystem on their chips runs at a certain clock speed. Only a theory, but I hope the information helps. Other than being lazy that is.

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When you're booting your system at an overclocked state, chances are your vrm's can't keep up at powerup for some reason I don't know. So your oc will fail. That I assume is the reason that gigabyte boards shutdown and restart when changing such settings - to avoid the problem. If you oc from windows, the changes being made are significantly less than from 0 to preset. Regarding the programs - I have some comments on them.

They might be brilliant in some situations, but they don't nessecarily work. For instance on my work pc, a hp dc with an e, setfsb can only read the fsb, it can't set it - no matter which of the 3 types I tried mmt, slp and the other one. I suspect hp deliberately did something to prevent it from working. So on oem systems you may not find the solution you were looking for in software.

And atitool didn't work very well with my gtx. It could set the gpu and mem speed, but the artefact check isn't able to figure out if the shader speed is too high. So even though it'd run 20 minutes scanning for artefacts in atitool, a 3dmark test would crash at the nature scene when the lights were rendered.

So don't rely on the button to automaticly find the best frequency if the shader is linked to the gpu speed. OC that has trouble at bootup can't survive prime95 anyway.The words overclocking and netbook appear in a sentence together about as often as Steve Ballmer is spotted at a Linux convention. Netbooks are all about portability over performance. Overclocking is all about taking already blazing-fast gear and pushing it to its upper limits -- warranties, energy use and safety be damned.

Actually, "people have been overclocking netbooks pretty much since Day One," according to Brad Linder, who writes the Liliputing blog. Quick to take a hint, Asus soon began shipping its own overclocking app, the Super Hybrid Engine, with every Eee. Then there are extreme modders like Team Australia in Adelaide. Of course, most of us aren't interested in performing science experiments for the sake of bragging rights.

We just want to get apps to load faster, or high-def videos to play stutter-free.

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But besides Asus and MSI, few other netbook makers officially endorse overclocking, much less bundle tools to enable it. Never fear: Below we detail five fairly easy ways for you to overclock your netbook, none of which requires access to exotic cooling materials, and only one of which requires competence with a soldering iron. There's also a bonus tip for Acer Aspire One owners -- no overclocking, but plenty of hardware tweaking. Here's the fine print: Most of the solutions require your netbook to be running Windows rather than Linux.

And the finer print: Your netbook's battery life will definitely drop, while noise from the netbook's fan will rise. Your netbook could crash or freeze if you raise the speed -- and temp -- too high, too fast. And if you accidentally fry your motherboard using these third-party apps, don't expect your vendor to honor the warranty. SetFSB reportedly also works on Windows 7. Difficulty level: Potentially challenging, due to the need to select the correct clock generator for your CPU and employ separate temperature-monitoring software such as Everest Ultimate Edition.

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More from the IDG Network. Asus embraces overclocking on newest notebooks. Review: 4 'large' netbooks -- are they better or just bigger? Building an inexpensive, high-performance PC for Windows 7.

How to speed up everything. Now, on with the overclocking!Discussion in ' Hardware Components and Aftermarket Upgrades ' started by moral hazardOct 27, Log in or Sign up. I've found the datasheet for my laptop, it has a system block diagram on it, should this have the PLL on?

It uses Intel PM45 chipset. Yes I would expect that to have the PLL written in there somewhere. Do you have a link to the datasheet? Turns out it's not for my laptop, it was Acer Aspire There are many different PLLs, setfsb does not support some types.

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If you find the datasheet for your PLL you can email abo creator of setfsb and give him a link, he may be able to add support. How do I resolve it? Take apart the notebook and find the real PLL. But don't do this if you have warranty. Moral-hazard, ok, I went through these methods and end up opened up my laptop tecra and found the ICS chip.

So what to do next? I am using the latest version of SetFSB. Could you also please tell me the number of pins the chip has and your FSB frequency? You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Similar Threads - find clock generator. Replies: 3 Views: Replies: 9 Views: MrMogwai Feb 7, I have some display PDF datasheets for Replies: 0 Views: Forums New posts Search forums.

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Overclocking s1366 dual cpu system

Search forums. Log in. Please check out our forum guidelines for info related to our community. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Overclocking s dual cpu system.

setfsb clock generator list

Thread starter masterdeejay Start date Jan 2, Joined Jul 15, Messages 19 0. Im started researching an interesing overclock project. It is not a guide just theory.

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It is possible or not? I have a dual cpu setup, Lenovo D But it is highly overpriced, rare and it has only 3 channel memory not 2x3 channel On any other dual socket there is no way to overclock, no bios support, nothing So i have a theory: On the little brother socket platform there is a classic "fsb" way of overclocking.

Raising the "fsb" and lowering the qpi link and ram speed. It is like on the AMD K8 platform. It is possible to overclock dual system too. I need 3 things: Using setfsb app, lowering the ram ratio, and somehow reducing the qpi link speed. Last edited: Jan 2, Joined Feb 3, Messages 1, 2.


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